Wax, Laser, or Electrolysis—Which Is Your Best Bet for Effective Hair Removal in Ottawa?

Women (and some men) have been trying to find effective ways to remove unwanted hair for years. We’ll try just about anything, even if it promises to be painful! If you are looking for a hair removal service in Ottawa, there are many spas and professionals dedicated to removing unwanted hair. So which method should you choose? The top three hair removal methods in Ottawa are waxing, laser, and electrolysis. They all come with different price tags, guarantees, and degrees of pains, but they all promise the same thing: to successfully remove your unwanted hair.


Waxing is one of the oldest and most reliable hair removal methods. Waxing has become a rite of passage for teens, as they try it for the first time, usually among friends. While there no denying that there is some discomfort and pain involved, the more you do it, the less painful it becomes.

Waxing is a method that is unlikely to stop hair growth for good, but it does take the hair out by the root, so it lasts a few weeks before the hair grows back. A small number of people have found that less hair grows over time after being waxed regularly, but for most of us, waxing is a lifelong endeavour. When compared to the prices of more expensive hair removal methods, there are many people who find waxing to be a very affordable hair removal method.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is a more permanent option, depending on the person. People can usually expect an 80-90% reduction. Some people don’t experience the same amount of hair reduction, but the laser will at least make the hair lighter and finer, so it won’t be as noticeable. Some people wouldn’t find it very painful, while others do. The laser is a pigment seeking device that destroys the hair roots using light, and because of this, it works better for people with darker hair.


Electrolysis is the most expensive form of hair removal in Ottawa, but it is also the most permanent. It is ideal for people with red, white, grey or blonde hair that cannot be treated with laser hair removal. It is excellent for eyebrow hair (laser cannot be used around the eyes), chin hair, upper lip hair, and other types of hair that is light or sparse (think peach fuzz). In addition, electrolysis is the perfect treatment if you can count the individual hairs you want to get rid of.

This method uses an electric current to destroy the hair follicles, meaning it works on all hair and skin types. There is said to be some level of discomfort associated with electrolysis, however some clients will use some topical numbing creams during treatment. If you decide on this method, the most important thing to remember is to follow through with all of your appointments. If your skin care specialist says it will take 30 sessions to complete your hair removal, you should heed their advice as you may be disappointed with the results if you stop before the electrolysis treatment is complete.