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The 8 Most Common Skin Care Challenges

Frustrating marks on your skin could indicate rosacea, rashes from dry skin, or other issues related to pigmentation.

Creases, furrows, and folds in your skin make you look older than you are, and are a constant source of frustration and embarrassment.

Is your skin rough or dry? How smooth is your skin? Variations in your skin’s surface can indicate deeper issues, such as collagen loss or damage.

Our pores help our skin release oils and sweat, but when they’re clogged, acne and other issues can quickly develop.

Overexposure to the sun can damage your skin, causing premature aging and visible damage.

Pigmentation issues, such as brown spots, distract from your natural complexion and are a constant source of embarrassment.

Unlike red spots, red areas on your skin could indicate inflammation issues or spider veins, distracting and uncomfortable skin conditions.

These bacterial excretions can become lodged in your pores, causing infections and other serious issues.

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