Did She or Didn’t She?

Have you ever noticed how some women just look incredibly well maintained despite their advanced age? Women like Diane Lane, and Cate Blanchett spring to mind with their taut skin and youthful glow. Sure genetics plays a huge part, but surely they are doing something to help it along? Imagine getting life-changing results from a procedure that mimics the results of invasive surgery but doesn’t require a scalpel and leaves you anesthesia-free. No nasty scars as evidence of the work you had done, and the best part? You won’t have to spend weeks in recovery!
So many people choose to go under the knife thinking that surgery is the only cosmetic solution available to them. In fact, there are new treatments available that give results comparable to surgery, with little or none of the down-time.

Tummy Tuck
The procedure may be popular with certain celebs, but recovery from this invasive surgery will not leave you feeling like a star. Rather than cutting into the body, The Tripollar system works with your body to melt fat layers so that the reduction happens internally without any surgical intervention. Localized heating immediately shrinks the fat cells , contracts collagen fibers and increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts. Translation? The skin tightens, creating a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

Botox or Facelift

Instead of injecting a needle smack into your forehead opt for a topical solution. Botinol treatments are formulated with Retin-A and peptides that relax lines in the face, and overtime smooths them out. After treatment skin appears visibly younger and lines are reduced without paralyzing your face. Combined with the proper home care products you will receive long-term results, which can give more lift and firmness to the skin naturally.

Lip Injections

Rosie Huntington Whitely & Angelina Jolie are always flashing plump, smooth lips that incite envy from even the most secure of women. Restylane- a type of injectable filler is often used for lip injections.While injecting your lips with fillers isn’t the most extreme of treatments, accidents do happen. And as with any injection procedure, there are side effects: bruising, swelling and prolonged numbness are just a few parting gifts you may receive from a single injection.Clinical grade lip plumper products that contain collagen and hyalauronic acid, visibly re-plump the lip and smooth without any stinging or adverse effects.

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