Beautiful Lashes and Brows Without Makeup

Exhausted by having to constantly apply and reapply makeup to your brows and lashes every morning? There is a solution! Brow and lash tinting applies long-lasting colours to these features, helping shape and define them for a stunning look that accentuates your eyes.

Eyebrow tinting can help you match a change in your hair colour while adding shape to arches. Tinting boosts volume in naturally fine brows or even brows that have been over plucked. The dyes used in most brow tints actually coat individual brow hairs, literally boosting volume. Additionally, because many brows tend to come in extremely light or even blonde, you’ll quickly notice a significant boost in volume when applying a tint.

Your lashes benefit, too. An eyelash tint lasts far longer than mascara and adds immediate definition. Your eyes will pop, creating the stunning look you’ve been waiting for—and it’s all available with expert insight and application at SKINS Derma Care!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tinting permanent?

No, tinting is not permanent, though the results will typically last between four and eight weeks before you require a touch-up. If you live a very active lifestyle, touch-ups might need to be more frequent.

Are eyelash tints like eyelash extensions?

Eyelash tinting adds colour, not volume. While altering the colour of your lashes can give the appearance of more volume, eyelash extensions are better at creating the full, voluminous look.

How does brow tinting add volume?

Brow tinting covers each eyebrow hair in a natural dye that physically increases each hair’s diameter, making them look fuller and more voluminous. But beyond that, a darker tint will also colour the finer, lighter hairs that are growing in. These hairs typically come in much lighter than your existing brow, and as such when their colours match, you’ll see a dramatic increase in brow volume.

Is tinting safe?

Yes, absolutely. We use natural dyes and tints and always patch test to ensure you won’t have a reaction.

Can’t I just do tinting at home?

We do not recommend tinting at home. It’s best to choose a professional with extensive experience and training to handle your brow and lash tinting, especially if it’s your first time. For this reason, we also don’t recommend allowing a hair colourist to handle your tinting; hair dyes contain high levels of peroxide, which can be extremely dangerous close to your eyes.

*Results may vary from person to person based on body size, body type, and other factors.