All of us girlie-girls around the SKINS Derma Care office are buzzing about the Royal Visit and swooning over Prince William and Kate as if they just walked by. With wedding season bordering full blossom, all you lovely brides – and bridesmaids– can feel as royal as Kate Middleton herself, with a little help from SKINS Derma Care and its very talented therapists. We want to ensure you glow like a princess on your big day! Here are some starting tips to get you prepped and flawless to say “I do!” right now:
Reveal fresher and brighter skin with Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant®.  This incredible and easy to use rice based exfoliator will give you a smooth and even complexion, providing a great base for your makeup application!
The multi-active toner is great for spritzing skin prior to moisturizing as it aids in setting makeup after an application. Use through the day to re-hydrate parched skin, so you look fresh and hydrated all day long!
Use multivitamin hand and nail treatment to repair chapped hands after a long, dry winter with this intense, non-greasy treatment of botanicals and vitamins.  Your nails will be strengthened and highly photogenic for any close-up wedding ring shots to best showcase your bling!
Total eye care spf15 our multi-purpose eye product that moisturizes, protects against daylight exposure and reduces the appearance of dark circles all in one – just in case you’re too excited to sleep the night before!
Go ahead and seal the deal with a smooch – make sure to use renewal lip complex for the softest, most luscious lips!
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