Step by Step


1. Suspicious Mole Detected

A patient or healthcare provider identifies a pigmented lesion that should be assessed by a dermatologist.

That’s where we come in.

2. High-Quality Image Capture by one of our TiredSole™ Nurses

Our SIAscope is a hand-held Class IIA medical device and the only image-capture technology on the market that provides clinical, dermascopic and spectrophotometric views of moles up to 2 mm below the skin’s surface. Our technology allows our Team, to capture perfect clinical images with 100% image integrity. MedX’s advanced imaging technology solves a major issue facing dermatologists wanting to adopt teledermatology in their practice.

3. Secure, Rapid Assessment Platform

SIAscopy on DermSecure™ is a secure, cloud-based telemedicine platform and patient management system — it captures the dermatological images from the SIAscope and forwards them for assessment by a dermatologist. These high-quality images, coupled with a patient management work flow specifically designed for dermatological e-consults, provides a rapid assessment platform for clinicians to ensure patients with suspicious pigmented lesions can be assessed swiftly by a dermatologist and the most urgent cases are given expedited treatment.

4. Dermatologist Assessment

A dermatologist assesses the patient’s suspicious mole or lesion within two business days. The quality of the images facilitates an accurate assessment.

5. Patient Results

Healthcare providers and patients receive secure access to detailed assessment reports and next steps. MedX stores patient’s information for 10 years, which means a patient can retrieve their patient file and take another scan of the same mole or lesion years later and compare it to previous images to see if there has been any change. MedX is the only company in the world that has made this commitment to the patient and their providers.


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