teen acne skin treatment

Popular Skin Treatments in Ottawa for Treating Both Teen Acne and the Scars It Leaves Behind

Acne vulgaris, more often referred to simply as acne, affects a startling number of teenagers. While there are many potential causes, the sudden and sharp increase of androgens—a type of hormone present both in men and women—during puberty causes the skin to produce more oil, which in turn can clog pores, trapping bacteria, dirt, dead skin, and more under the skin. This results in whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pimples, and other signs of acne. While for some teens these effects are mild, others experience symptoms so extreme that acne skin treatments become necessary. In these instances, the persistence of the acne can cause the skin to become inflamed and swollen, and can leave dimpled scars on the face, even long after it’s gone.

It’s easy to see why acne skin treatments are some of the most popular skin treatments in Ottawa. With the number of teens and even some adults affected by the condition, the permanent effects it can have on the skin, and the profound damage it can do to a person’s self-esteem, many young people are seeking answers.

Treating Teen Acne

How teen acne is treated depends on the severity, and can range from over-the-counter products and gentle washing, to prescription ointments and medications, to a variety of skin treatments for severe cases. At a high-quality professional skincare clinic, you may find an acne-fighting treatment aimed at teens and young adults. Such treatments are specially designed to fight the most common causes of teenage acne—they clear the pores and reduce the presence of oil and bacteria. However, for more difficult or severe cases, a more extensive treatment may be recommended, such as a medical-grade peel or other facial treatment.

Treating the Aftermath

Whether you’re a teenager who’s beat acne, or an adult whose acne-ridden teen years are in the past, you may have been left with a souvenir—acne scars. But just like the condition that left you with these scars, they too can be treated, and you can say goodbye to the memory of teen acne forever. Popular Ottawa skin treatments include microdermabrasion and enhanced microdermabrasion, which not only exfoliate the skin but encourage new, healthy skin cells to grow while also closing up pores. While it won’t help with active acne, microdermabrasion with smoothen the appearance of scars, as will Tri-Fractional radiofrequency skin resurfacing.

Whether you’re still going through severe teen acne, or you’re just living with the unwanted aftermath it left you with, you can get the relief you’re looking for. Thanks to cutting edge acne skin treatments, you can have the kind of smooth, clear skin you’ve always wanted, giving you the confidence to face the world with a smile.