Get into a routine and seek out waxing in Ottawa before the summer starts.

For Best Results, Start Your Waxing before Summer arrives in Ottawa

Summer is just around the corner. And for many, this means it’s time to start waxing in Ottawa.

The benefits of waxing are smooth, hairless skin that lasts a lot longer than shaving. When the hair does grow back, it’s lighter, thinner, and softer. But it’s important to stick to a waxing routine to ensure you get the best results each time.

Ideally, it’s best to wax your body hair every three to four weeks. It’s at this stage that the hair grows to about ¼ inch in length meaning it’s long enough for the wax to grip and short enough for the waxing treatment to be less painful.

If you wait too long between waxing, the hairs will be longer and therefore more painful to remove. You will need to wax more frequently for facial and underarm treatments since these hairs grow in faster.

Wax Hair at the First Stage of the Hair-Growth Cycle

The Anagen stage of hair growth is the active, growing stage of the cycle. This is the best stage to wax because it leads to longer-lasting results. Paired with long-lasting results, waxing at this stage leads to hair regrowth becoming less frequent.

This will also ensure all hair grows in at once, so you can have it waxed evenly all at the same time. Waiting for your next session means you’ll likely look hairier in the beginning, so it’s best to get this stage out of the way before the summer arrives.

It’s important to learn how to prepare for waxing before your first session of the season, even if you’re a regular.

Tips for Between Waxing

One of the most common mistakes is to shave or tweeze between a waxing appointment. Not only will this make it more difficult to properly wax the area when the time comes but shaving makes hair coarser, ultimately reversing the benefits of waxing.

If you stick to a cycle of waxing every three to four weeks, it will become less painful over time. It’s important not to interrupt the cycle as this could cause your next appointment to become more painful depending on how much time has elapsed since your last appointment.

The bottom line is: If you don’t want it to hurt, then get waxed regularly and stick to your routine.

Wax brows every two to three weeks. Regular brow shaping keeps your eyebrows looking good and prevents you from tweezing. Brow hairs that are regularly tweezed will eventually stop growing back, making thicker, fuller brows out of reach.

Exfoliate Every Few Days

Ingrown hairs are caused by hair not being able to penetrate through a layer of dead skin. If you’re waxing, then you could be prone to ingrown hairs since the frequent waxing of the area will cause hairs to become thinner and softer.

Be sure to use an exfoliating cream that not only exfoliates dead skin but also moisturizes so the hair will be able to grow out. It’s important not to pick at ingrown hairs since picking causes inflammation and scarring.

It’s best to exfoliate between two to three days per week. This will not only prevent ingrown hairs and infection, but it will make waxing easier. Don’t overdo it and don’t exfoliate the day of or before your next waxing since waxing counts as exfoliation.

For longer-lasting results and pain-free treatments, stick to your waxing routine year-round. And if you take a break in the winter, start waxing before Ottawa’s summer arrives so you can start off the season care and hair-free!