This woman has absolutely beautiful skin, and we couldn’t help but do a little digging on what gives her that gorgeous glow. Read on to find out what Olivia uses and why she’s earned our Skin Superlative this month!

Olivia Keeps it Green With Eminence

As an A-list celebrity, Olivia has her pick of skincare companies fussing for her endorsement. Instead of loading her skin up with synthetic ingredients, she chooses to go organic. Eminence Organics offers truly certified organic ingredients in their product ensuring pure absorption into the skin. Olivia cleanses her normal to oily skin with Citrus Exfoliating Wash, and adds in the herbal spot treatment serum to calm any acne flare-ups. Olivia finishes with the Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream to prevent her skin from getting dehydrated overnight and rejuvenate it for the next day. What makes these products so special is that they not only refrain from testing on animals, but they also make sure that their packaging is eco friendly, which is a definite DO.

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