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Considering Juvederm Injections in Ottawa?
What Ottawa Residents Should Know Before Receiving Juvederm Injections We all wear the years that we have lived on our faces. Every smile, every furrowed brow, and every passing year adds to the texture and...
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Debunking Myths About Cellulite
Here’s the Truth About Cellulite and Cellulite Treatments in Ottawa For some, the word “cellulite” conjures negative thoughts and a dip in self-confidence, and the idea of seeking treatment might seem overwhelming or scary. It...
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Photofacial: Ottawa FAQs
How Photofacials Compare to Other Skin Treatments in Ottawa Smooth skin is something that never goes out of style. Over time, however, factors like the sun and our age can leave our skin feeling dull,...
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Teen Acne Skin Treatments that Work!
Popular Skin Treatments in Ottawa for Treating Both Teen Acne and the Scars It Leaves Behind Acne vulgaris, more often referred to simply as acne, affects a startling number of teenagers. While there are many...
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What Can an Ottawa Skin Care Specialist in...
A quick overview of the ways you can benefit from dermatology. When we think of the common ailments that plague us in the winter – dry skin, sallow eyes, red noses – an Ottawa skin care specialist might be on your mind. But they can do so, so much more than just remedy our cold […]
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