Think modeling is a young woman’s game? Think again! Kim Basinger, 60, recently signed a modeling contract with the same agency that represents her teenage daughter. We think Basinger’s radiant, flawless skin is certainly model material!

SKINS Derma Care offers laser skin rejuvenation treatments, such as photo facials, to help our clients achieve beautiful skin like Ms. Basinger at any age. In fact, photo facials were recently proven in a Stanford University study to restore gene expression of aged skin to resemble much younger skin. The bottom line? Scientific evidence demonstrates that regular photo facials can do more than rejuvenate skin – they can actually delay aging. Best of all, no downtime is necessary after these powerful treatments, with improvement you can enjoy almost right away. Could regular photo facials be Basinger’s beauty secret? We certainly think so!
Photo Facials are effective for treating:
Sun damage
Age spots
Broken capillaries
Sun spots
Overall redness
And more!

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