SKINS Derma Care is proud to host the Clear Skin Detox, a four-week nutritional
coaching program presented by one of Ottawa’s most established registered natural nutritionists.
A passionate teacher of health in group settings, Andrea Bartels NNCP RNT
(Registered Nutritional Therapist) is a senior faculty member at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Ottawa, Canada’s oldest school for training natural nutrition professionals. She is also a proud member of The Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP).

Here’s a client testimonial from Ottawa about Andrea’s Nutritional Detox Program:

“I came to consult with Andrea about the eczema-like skin around both my eyes (on eyelids, and just beneath my eyes). After a thorough review of my health history she agreed that a cleanse program would be of benefit to me. So after years of thinking about doing a cleanse, I finally decided to do so with the help of a nutritionist instead of buying one of those cleanses in a box.
Andrea guided me through my cleanse and CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

Before I started the cleanse with Andrea,I was still skeptical about the benefits I would actually derive. The most I had hoped for was a good liver and colon cleanse and ridding my body of all the toxic buildup over the years.

The actual results were beyond my expectations. For most of my life I had been plagued with chronic constipation, chronic sinus congestion and chronic fatigue. Never getting any answers from doctors. The cleanse and advice from Andrea on supplements cured my constipation. After years of sinus congestion I finally discovered that I was “allergic” to milk
and was finally able to go without medication.

For the longest time I attributed the “dimpling” on my legs to getting older. Now my legs are smooth and sexy again!  I lost belly fat that no matter how much I exercised or how well (I thought) I was eating, would not go away. Now I have a smoother, flatter stomach than when I was 20!  And I’ve had two children!! I am no longer embarrassed to walk around in my bikini.

My PMS symptoms are now virtually non-existent. The cleanse also helped my yoga practice, giving me more flexibility during certain poses.
Family and friends complemented my shinier hair, clearer skin and brighter eyes.

But, my most favourite result of my cleanse was my energy level!  I was ALWAYS tired.
Now, I function on less sleep than before, I no longer require naps
and my energy level is a 10!

With Andrea’s advice and guidance, I’ve changed my eating habits for good!   I am officially a cleanse believer!  Something I plan on doing at least once a year… with Andrea’s help, of course.”
~Mena Calarco, Ottawa, ON

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