Learn more about the pros and cons of laser vein removal services in Ottawa.

A Look at Popular Methods for Removing Unwanted Veins and Hair

There’s a lot of effort that goes into maintaining smooth, soft skin – but there’s a quick and easy solution! If you’re tired of having to shave frequently and you don’t want to suffer through the pain of waxing or if you’re noticing unruly spider veins on your face and legs, consider electrolysis and laser vein removal services.

There are two treatment options available to help remove veins and hair for good. Laser vein removal in Ottawa heats dilated capillaries, causing them to dissolve. And Ottawa electrolysis treatments remove hair follicles with an electrical current.

If either or both treatments sound like the perfect solution, consider the pros and cons of each treatment so you know what to expect.

Pros of Laser Vein Removal

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Veins

Laser vein removal gets rid of unwanted veins and the embarrassment that comes with them. Spider veins on both the face and legs can make you self-conscious and ultimately lead to low self-esteem. You may choose to wear makeup to cover the veins on your face and wear pants instead of shorts, skirts, and dresses to hide your legs in the summer. If the thought of swimwear makes you cringe, laser vein removal is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Quick & Easy

Laser vein treatments usually only last 20-30 minutes. These treatments have minimal pain, redness, and swelling. Best of all – there’s no downtime! This treatment yields fast results, you’ll see a difference in your skin in as little as one to three sessions.

Cons of Laser Vein Removal

You Might Need Several Treatments

For this treatment to be effective, it may take several appointments to remove the veins for good. The number of treatments needed will depend on individual circumstances. Although you may have to wait to get desired results, the wait is worth it.

Before & Aftercare

Unfortunately, if you love the tanning beds you’ll need to take a break before and after your treatments. Tanning can make your skin more susceptible to damage, so take precaution and stay out of the sun for at least one week.

You may also want to wear compression stockings under your clothing to improve results on your legs. Regular exercise is also an excellent way to prevent the reoccurrence of spider veins from appearing on your legs.

Pros of Electrolysis

Permanent & Versatile Hair Removal

You will save money and countless hours usually spent on shaving or waxing. Electrolysis is also effective for treating any area of the body and any tone and type of skin and hair.

No Downtime

You can go on with your day after a treatment session without needing to rest or recover. You may experience mild redness or tenderness in the treatment area, but this is temporary.

Cons of Electrolysis

It Won’t Be Done in One Shot

To remove all hair follicles in a treatment area, you will need several treatments especially if you are removing thick, coarse hair. But as with the laser vein removal, the wait is worth it for a more permanent solution to removing unwanted hair.

Boost your confidence and save time, money, and energy with convenient laser vein removal and electrolysis in Ottawa.