woman with yellow dress on beach, laser hair removal

5 Great Ways to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal in Ottawa

Plucking, waxing, threading, and shaving– chances are, most women in Canada have tried some or all of these techniques to remove unwanted hair. We all know how temporary these techniques can be, and it’s frustrating to go through the pain involved in these methods over and over again. This is why many people are turning to laser hair removal. If you are tired of plucking, shaving, and waxing, make an appointment at your local laser hair removal clinic in Ottawa, and follow these tips to prepare for a successful appointment.

Stay Away from Plucking and Waxing

Try to avoid plucking and waxing on or near the area you want to be treated with a laser. These hair removal methods disturb your hair follicles and make it harder for the laser to work properly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shave

Unlike getting waved, you’ll definitely want to shave before your laser hair removal appointment in Ottawa. The laser will burn any hair left on the body, and this can cause some pain. Your local laser hair clinic in Ottawa may actually shave you before the appointment, but you can be proactive and give yourself a close shave before your appointment.

Bring Appropriate Clothing

You shouldn’t wear tight or abrasive clothing to your appointment. It’s recommended that you bring loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to wear home because the technicians at your Ottawa laser hair removal centre will most likely apply ointment after the treatment, and you will not want to get it on your clothes. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you may be more affected by the laser treatment and tight or abrasive clothing could be very uncomfortable for your skin until after you’ve healed.

The Great Tanning Debate

There is the misconception that you should always avoid tanning prior to your laser hair removal appointment. If you are visiting a skin clinic that uses true laser technology, like the Nd:YAG Laser from Cutera, it is completely safe to get a tan before your treatment. In the case that your skin clinic in Ottawa uses Intense Pulse Light device for laser hair removal, that is when you should be very cautious about UV ray exposure. Indeed, your safest bet is treatment is a clinic that utilizes true laser technology. Ask your medical aesthetician about which device they are employing so you can ensure your skin is receiving the best care possible.


Yes, it is a laser, and yes it does technically burn your hair—but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Try to relax before your appointment at your local Ottawa laser clinic, and think about the great feeling that comes with smooth, soft skin