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Ottawa Hair Removal Specialists Recommend Preparing the Skin and Hair

Unwanted hair—we all have it. And we’ve all tried everything from shaving and tweezing to hair removal creams and even at-home waxing. And each of these comes with its own set of issues, whether it’s rapidly-returning stubble, taking up too much time, or just generally being unreliable. The truth is, there’s no method that’s as fast-acting and affordable as getting professional waxing in Ottawa. It’s less expensive than laser hair removal—Ottawa clinics and spas offer a number of very affordable packages—and the results can last for months at a time. And being waxed by a professional is a much smoother, quicker, and less painful experience than doing it at home.

But before you jump at the opportunity to get your unwanted hair waxed away, ask yourself: is your skin ready? Here we’ll look at a few things you can do to prepare your skin for its journey to smooth, hairless bliss.


Any damage to your skin should be healed before you set an appointment for waxing in Ottawa. This includes sunburns, breakouts, and other forms of environmental irritation. If you’re getting waxed in the summer, then depending on the type and tone of your skin, you may want to either wear sunscreen religiously, or avoid direct sunlight for the week leading up to your appointment. Skin tags, moles, and lesions are also an issue—these can quickly turn into broken skin if carelessly waxed, so let the specialist at your Ottawa hair removal clinic know where these things are.

Clean and Hydrate

You should have clean skin going into your appointment, so on the special day, be sure to take a nice warm shower (don’t go too hot if you have sensitive skin) and wash yourself with a gentle soap. Exfoliate gently to unclog pores—this decreases the risk of ingrown hairs. If you typically have dry skin, be sure to hydrate and moisturize it, but avoid and oil-based products or those that tend to leave a residue, as these might prevent the wax from sticking to the hair.

Prepare the Hair

You might not know this, but there is actually an ideal length for hair that makes for a successful waxing session—generally considered to be anywhere from a half-inch to three quarters of an inch, or 13 mm to 19 mm. If the hair is too short, simply wait for it to grow. And if it’s a little on the long side, taking some electric clippers to it won’t hurt. The exception is superfine hairs, like those often found on women’s faces, which does not need to be quite as long.

If you want to experience all the benefits of waxing in Ottawa, then what are you waiting for? Make an appointment, get your skin and hair ready, and it’ll all be smooth sailing from there. Discover why this is such a popular method for hair removal in Ottawa now!