Techniques and Technologies to Leave You Feeling Rejuvenated

Do you ever feel anxious about cosmetic treatments? You’re not alone! It’s totally normal to feel a few nerves before any treatment, especially if it’s something new. Knowledge is power, though!

Understanding how treatments are administered and how our machines and technology work can help you take greater control over your skin and beauty. At SKINS Derma Care, we only use the highest-quality technology to ensure we’re always delivering an exceptionally comfortable, effective, and enjoyable experience.

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VISIA® Complexion Analysis

We’re excited to offer our clients exclusive access to the unique VISIA® Complexion Analysis System! This amazing all-in-one piece of technology began as a research tool for skincare. Now available to the general public, VISIA® offers an amazingly detailed look at your skin’s health and well-being, creating a comprehensive profile to measure everything from UV damage and skin texture to wrinkles and discolouration. SKINS Derma Care is incredibly proud to be one of a select few number of clinics in North America to offer its clients access to this incredible technology.

VISIA® analyses take almost no time at all, quickly and comfortably creating a 3D scan of your skin and identifying 8 key factors. VISIA® insights let you identify problem areas and issues within your skin, so you can directly address these concerns with unprecedented levels of control over your skincare regimen.

Simply put, VISIA® gives you a complete, unbiased perspective on your skin, letting you set, act on, and achieve your skincare and beauty goals.


EMSculpt® Body Sculpting

What if you could get the effects of 20,000 sit-ups without having to do a single crunch? That’s exactly what BTL EMSculpt® technology accomplishes in a convenient 30-minute session!

This amazing machine uses carefully controlled High-intensity Focused Electromagnetic® (HIFEM) technology to trigger supramaximal (involuntary) contractions in targeted muscle groups. By applying this electromagnetic energy to areas such as the abdomen or buttocks, EMSculpt® stimulates muscles to contract involuntarily at a rate and depth that can’t be achieved through a sit-up or crunch. The tissue is forced to adapt to these conditions, building muscle rapidly while burning fat.

EMSculpt® technology has been clinically tested and is FDA-approved to help burn stubborn fat while building and toning muscle. It’s like getting a full workout in without ever having to break a sweat, perfect for shaping muscle groups that simply won’t respond to exercise. Get killer abs or a popping booty in no time!


CoolSculpting® Body Contouring

CoolSculpting® technology uses cryolipolysis to literally freeze and get rid of those stubborn fat cells that refuse to quit, even after a thousand crunches. CoolSculpting® offers a completely non-invasive alternative to surgery or liposuction, directly targeting fat cells with freezing temperatures to break them down safely and efficiently.

Adipose tissue—the more official name for those stubborn fat cells—is more susceptible to cold temperatures than the other cells in your body. CoolSculpting® takes advantage of this weakness, using an applicator to vacuum skin above the fatty deposit. This applicator then cools the targeted cells, causing the fat to literally freeze. As the fat cells thaw, their cellular structure breaks down. These cells can’t protect themselves the way your skin or nerves do, and your body then removes them naturally, as it would other damaged or dead cells.

In a single treatment, CoolSculpting® can reduce 20 to 25% of targeted fat cells. It’s that simple!


Cynosure Elite+® Laser System

The Elite+® laser system by Cynosure is designed to provide a wide range of treatments with a single machine, including medical-grade laser hair removal, vascular treatments, epidermal pigmentation issues, and even wrinkle reduction. This fantastic laser system makes it easier than ever to quickly and effectively treat all skin types with reliable, consistent performance you can count on.

Using Nd:YAG 1064nm and Alexandrite 755nm wavelengths, the Elite+® can quickly and easily switch between both for unmatched versatility, even in the middle of a treatment session. Longer pulse durations (up to 300ms) allow the Elite+® to precisely match the energy it is delivering to your skin with optimal thermal relaxation time. NdYAG technology is safe for dark and tanned skin and hair, while Alexandrite technology is safe for lighter skin tones and hair colours.

All this is to say that Cynosure’s Elite+® laser system is one of the best machines available on the market today and can help you with a wide range of skin and beauty concerns safely and effectively.


Cynosure Icon™ Laser System

Icon™ is Cynosure’s industry-leading aesthetic platform, providing a convenient, complete treatment solution for any and all skin types. This laser system offers unmatched, wildly flexible treatment options through a set of handpieces that allow clinicians to tailor treatments to your exact needs and conditions. Icon™ handpieces can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. At SKINS Derma Care, we use Icon™’s 1540 non-ablative fractional laser to treat everything from wrinkles and scars to stretchmarks, as well as providing skin resurfacing and soft tissue coagulation.

The Icon system offers industry-leading IPL and laser system Icon™ 1540 as well as Skintel(tm), the industry’s only live melanin reader. Developed with safety and efficacy in mind, these features provide the confidence you need and the results patients want for:

  • Facial vessel clearance and pigment reduction
  • Surgical and acne scar treatment
  • Stretch mark treatment
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Leg vein clearance
  • Fractional skin resurfacing

The MaxG handpiece lets us treat pigmented and vascular lesions and provide IPL treatments, while the MaxYs makes it possible to provide laser hair removal services easily.

We also use the XD Microlens to provide greater treatment depth for particularly tough cases. Simply put, Icon™ makes laser treatments a breeze, all while using a proprietary built-in cooling system and Smooth Pulse™ technology to provide consistent and reliably comfortable treatment.


Vectus® Diode Laser System

Cynosure’s Vectus® system uses diode technology to quickly deliver rapid laser hair removal in a fraction of the time of other systems on the market. Vectus® can more effectively treat larger spot sizes in less time, which means more bang for your buck. Its uniform laser beam helps reduce the likelihood and risk of hot spots, and is equipped with Advanced Contact Cooling™ technology to ensure continuous patient comfort.

The additional Skintel® Melanin Reader™ also makes it possible to fully customize laser settings to your exact skin tone and type. This reader assesses your skin and provides useful settings to the overall laser system, making it possible to treat nearly every patient in search of long-lasting laser hair removal solutions.


PicoSure® Laser System

The PicoSure® laser system is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser—but what does that mean? In layman’s terms, PicoSure® can deliver laser pulses at a much more efficient speed, making it easier than ever to revitalize your skin and reduce the appearance of scars, pigment lesions, and wrinkles. Did we mention is also makes tattoo removal a breeze?

Using incredibly short (a picosecond or less) bursts of concentrated energy at a755nm wavelength, PicoSure® can more effectively target tattoo inks of all colours, shattering ink particles into dust that your body then clears naturally. PicoSure® delivers appropriate concentrations of energy in a trillionth of a second, reducing the amount of time your skin is exposed to this energy and thus targeting tattoo ink more effectively. This means faster, more effective tattoo removal without scarring!


Cutera xeo® Laser System

This advanced laser system by Cutera is the ultimate aesthetic workstation, using Nd:YAG  and IPL LimeLight technology to provide a full range of laser and light-based treatments, including laser hair removal! The Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength laser is used to get rid of unwanted hair for patients of all skin types. This is the only laser safe for dark and tanned skin. Nd:YAG technology is also used in Laser Genesis for skin rejuvenations as well as laser vein therapy.

The IPL technology in xeo® helps restore glowing vitality and smooth texture in blemished skin, dealing with redness, facial veins, photodamage, and sunspots. Common skin conditions are no match for this amazing treatment that actively promotes collagen production in your skin.

The end result? Younger-looking, full, and glowing skin! Xeo® makes head-turning rejuvenation and restoration look easy, delivering consistent, understated, yet noticeable results.


InMode Fractora™, Forma™. Forma Plus™, BodyFX™

InMode’s RF platform uses radiofrequency energy to address a wide variety of skin conditions with specialized handpieces and attachments. Fractora™ is a fractional skin resurfacing and subdermal tissue coagulation device that remodels skin using radiofrequency energy and microneedling to gently penetrate the skin while delivering pulsed RF energy to stimulate collagen production. You’re left with tighter skin at a subdermal level, improving elasticity and complexion, treating everything from acne and scarring to fine lines and wrinkles and ageing skin.

Forma™ and Forma Plus™ are two configurations of the same technology to remodel and tighten targeted skin while stimulating collagen production. Perfect for any skin type, Forma™ helps decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while leaving you with beautiful, younger-looking skin.

InMode BodyFX™ is a radiofrequency body contouring treatment technology that helps permanently destroy adipocytes—fat cells—in the buttocks, stomach, belly, and thighs. BodyFX™ precisely heats target areas to break apart the cellular membranes of fat calls, leaving you with a slimmer look and a permanent reduction in fatty tissues!


Vasculyse RF Skin Treatments

VascuLyse uses radiofrequency technology to target and a treat a range of frustrating skin issues, including milia (calcium deposits), cholesterol deposits, ruby points, cherry angiomas, spider veins, and skin tags. VascuLyse offers a safe and reliably treatment option to permanently deal with these all-too-common issues.

The RF current in VascuLyse generates heat energy in targeted tissues, triggering a thermocoagulation process, raising the temperature in capillaries and causing them to break down, dealing with these skin concerns once and for all. Treatments are safe, fast, and permanent!