Our skin isn’t always the easiest organ to maintain. Sometimes the ingredients found in run of the mill skincare products don’t deliver adequate results. Ever wonder which ingredients on the package actually do all the work? Why are they so important? Below are a list of the major players in the skincare game. Each of these ingredients pack a super-powered punch, and you’ll frequently find them at the top of the ingredient list of your favorite quality products.

1. Retinol – Increases cell turnover on the surface of the skin and reverses the signs of photo aging.
2.Agireline – Relaxes fine lines, prevents the onset of new wrinkles and helps reduce the depth of already formed wrinkles.
3.Co-Enzyme Q10 – Easily penetrates skin to facilitate cellular repair and significantly reduces free radical damage.
4.Sea Buckthorn Berry – Protects the skin membrane and with heavy helpings of Vitamin A and E, slows down skin aging.
5.Zinc Oxide – provides wound healing properties, works an astringent, and controls inflammation as well as helps with acne flare ups.
6.Palmitoyl Tri-Peptide 5- Helps stimulate collagen, firms up the skin, and helps fend off the enzymes that cause skin aging.
7.Borage Seed Oil- Aids in skin cell restoration and repairs tissue damage, this oil especially effective on extremely dry or mature skin.
8.Caffeine – Regulates sebaceous gland secretions, and helps constrict capillaries as well as reduce visible redness.
9.Niacinamide – Another sebaceous gland regulator with anti-inflammatory properties that can also help treat hyperpigmentation.
10. Resveratrol – Anti-oxidant found in Red wine has anti-aging properties and is a natural scavenger of free-radicals.

You may have noticed the frequent mention of the word “cell” in the definitions above. That’s because as we age, cell turnover and renewal slow down significantly. This means less oxygen is delivered to the cells so they don’t repair as quickly and therefore take longer to reach the surface. When that happens, dull skin lingers on the surface with a noticeably rough texture. In order to keep skin looking healthy and your complexion clear these cells need to constantly be replenishing themselves. So by employing the power of ingredients like Retinol and Co Enzyme Q-10 you’re giving your skin the best possible foundation to begin renewing itself as it starts aging.
In addition to proper cell repair, our skin needs to be balanced in terms of oil production to avoid breakouts, as well as tone down and sooth irritation. There is currently no known cure for conditions like Rosacea, which is chronic flushing of the face especially around the nose and cheeks. But, power ingredients like Caffeine and Niacinamide are two great examples of what to look for in products claiming to “control” or help reduce redness and inflammation. By investing in products that have ingredients like those listed above, you are giving your skin a major boost and helping it rejuvenate and repair itself.

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