Photo credit: Juan Rico/Fame

Ahhh the Teen Stache. Every young man has been capable at one point or another of having a furry caterpillar, even The Biebes. I get it; shaving is a huge milestone in a young man’s life. Let’s imagine being Justin Bieber for just a moment.  He came into public eye at 15… such an awkward age. I remember being fifteen, I shudder just thinking about it. It took me a total of 3 seconds to Google “Justin Bieber  teen stache” imagine that. At least I was left to awkwardly go through puberty in peace.

Younger men, including Justin, seem to want to hold on to what little hair they have and that’s cool if and only if you’re capable of growing a full blown mustache. If you cannot and if you were so inclined to shave your teen stache or your adult mustache you want to make sure you do it right. Dermalogica has a pretty wide range of shave products for different hair and different skin types! Here are some tips for young men that feel like shaving (and for some older men too!).

Before you start you want to make sure you get rid of any dry dead skin. This will give you a closer shave and have your skin feeling softer. Do you your whole face if you like! Daily Clean Scrub is awesome. Exfoliate 1-2 days after you shave. As the hair grows in it might get trapped in the follicle if you forego the second exfoliation.

Conditioning the hair or softening it is a step you can take if you have a coarse hair. Pre-Shave Guard from Dermalogica shields against irritation and softens the follicle.

Choices: Shave Cream, Gel or Oil

Close Shave Oil: This product is awesome for people who are prone to ingrowns! It creates a barrier between your skin and the razor and is clear so you can see what you are doing. A bonus if you have facial hair that needs to be manscaped like a chin strap, goatee or mutton chops. Boom, two for one.

Invigorating Shave Gel:  Both lightweight and cooling this product helps alleviate irritation from shaving.  The tea tree and clove help keep small post shave breakouts under control as well. Good for Normal and oily skin types

Soothing Shave Cream: This product is for dry and sensitive skin types. It contains both aloe vera and comfrey; these ingridients help more sensitive skin type’s calm inflammation and bounce back quickly from shaving. It’s also chalked full of antioxidants making it an excellent choice for aging clients as well as younger ones.


After shaving it is extremely important to re-hydrate the skin. Even if your using amazing shave gels, creams or oils this step is imperative because, like it or not, the simple act of shaving is an abrasive ritual that can leave the skin feeling tight, irritated and uncomfortable. This product is highly moisturizing, calming and keeps shine under control. So, toss that alcohol based aftershave in the bin! You don’t need to feel that burn to be a real man! Nice skin is where it’s at!