Woman who has had Micropigmentation done sits in a chair in the grass

Learn How SMP is Done, How it Works, and the Long Term Benefits

If you suffer from male-pattern baldness and are looking for a permanent solution to avoid constantly shaving, awkward hair pieces, or creative hairstyles, scalp micropigmentation may be the answer. This procedure is completed at one of our three Skins Derma Care Ontario locations by certified professionals. Read on and discover all the benefits to SMP.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? What Does it Do?

Scalp micropigmentation–often called SMP–is the process of inserting tiny dots of pigment into the top layer of skin on your scalp. This treatment is done to create the permanent appearance of a shaved head with a healthy hairline that hides any balding patterns. Men who have gone completely bald or have bald spots opt for this procedure to create a younger appearance that works with current styles and trends.

How Does it Work?

The process is similar to receiving a tattoo. Some people even call it a hair tattoo. However, much smaller needles are used and the pigments are only applied to the layer of skin just under your epidermis. The entire process is completed over multiple sessions using different shades of colour to create a realistic hairline that works with your skin and natural hair colour. The final result is a dense collection of tiny dots that look like hair follicles.

Is it Permanent?

Scalp micropigmentation is intended to be a permanent solution for hair loss. However, as with any tattoo, over time the pigmentation can fade and your skin tone may change with age. This is especially true if you love the outdoors as sunlight speeds the fading process. Many clients will have their SMP touched up after two or four years as their bodies and fashions change.

Does it Hurt?

There is some discomfort felt during the process. The needles are smaller than traditional tattoo equipment, so the sensation is not as intense. Many SMP clinics offer local anesthetics for the initial sessions, but many patients opt to skip the numbing of the scalp. There is almost no discomfort after the procedure is over.

What are the Side Effects?

The skin of your scalp will be pink or red, like a sunburn, after the procedure. This will fade after 24 to 48 hours. Since you are inserting needles into your skin, small scabs will appear over each puncture point and heal and fall off after four to ten days. As long as you follow all post-care instructions, once the micropigmentation is complete, you should experience no further discomfort, discolouration, or other side effects.

Ladies, too! It’s not Just a Treatment for Men

Women can also experience hair loss and can benefit from scalp micropigmentation. It can be considered permanent makeup for your scalp. Since women typically do not shave their head, the pigments are selected to better match the scalp colour to the client’s hair colour, giving a more full appearance to your remaining hair. Clients can find added confidence as you are no longer concerned about thin or bald spots standing out. The process works best for brunettes.

How Many Sessions Does It Take? How Long are the Sessions?

Most clients will need three or four sessions as layers of pigment are added to create a more natural appearance. The first session will be the longest and could last up to five hours, depending on your existing hairline and the desired final look. The following sessions will be shorter as your technician uses experience and a good eye to even out the overall appearance.

What is this Green/Blue Pigment?

The first pigments applied tend to be darker and have a dark blue or green tint. It is most noticeable directly after your first session. However, after the scabs fall away and the pink skin fades back to your normal colour, the blue/green appearance begins to look natural. The following sessions allow your technician to adjust pigments. It is this expertise that places SMP technicians apart from traditional tattoo artists.

What Happens to the Pigmentation as You Get Older?

Your age does not affect the pigments. However, sunlight and other environmental factors can cause it to fade over time. Since hairstyles do change over time, some clients allow the pigments to fade. Others choose to have their SMP touched up with a single session every few years.

Why It’s Important to Get this Procedure Done by Certified Professionals

Your local tattoo parlour may offer hair tattoos or permanent makeup jobs, however, they do not have the same equipment or training that a certified SMP professional will have received. Using the wrong pigments, applying the colour too deep, or using a larger needle can result in an awkward and sloppy job that can be difficult to fix without using laser removal.

If you would like to receive more information about how SMP can change your appearance and your life, give us a call at Skins Derma Care today. We will be happy to meet with you and create a plan of action to restore your confidence and good looks.