Electrolysis Ottawa

Thinking of Visiting a Laser Clinic in Ottawa? Have You Considered Electrolysis?

Whether it’s on your face or eyebrows, your thighs, legs, or abdomen, we all deal with hair we just wish would go away. You’ve tried the endless cycles of plucking at those little hairs between your eyebrows every few days, applying foul-smelling creams to your thighs or arms, and even enduring the pain of waxing, but that hair just keeps coming back. You’re looking at laser clinics in Ottawa, but perhaps you have light-coloured hair, which lasers are markedly less effective against. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more permanent than even lasers can guarantee. If you’re looking for the only acknowledged permanent hair removal method available, you want to find electrolysis in Ottawa. This is the only method that completely destroys each follicle, hair by hair, so that it can never come back.

How Does It Work?

There are many treatments that claim to be the genuine article, but true electrolysis is performed with a very fine-tipped electrode shaped like a needle. This probe is inserted directly into a single hair follicle, and is then used to apply an electric current. This can be done with direct current (galvanic, relying on a resulting chemical change to destroy the follicle), alternating current (thermolysis, also known as radio-frequency, which heats the follicle), or a combination of the two (blend). Because this method only targets a single hair at a time, and is most effective when it catches the hair during the growth stage, multiple sessions will be required, much like with a laser treatment. However, unlike laser hair removal, once the series of treatments have been completed, the hair is guaranteed to never return.

Are There Any Effects?

With electrolysis one can expect a minimal amount of discomfort depending on your pain threshold. Most people who receive it describe it as a tingling sensation. If you have sensitive skin or a low threshold for pain, your electrologist—the skincare professional who administers the treatment—may choose to apply a topical anaesthetic before you begin. The area of treatment may be reddened or sensitive immediately afterwards, but it will subside quickly.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Unlike at a laser clinic in Ottawa, you don’t have to worry about how light your hair is or how dark your skin is! This is because this treatment uses electricity, not light, and therefore doesn’t target pigmentation, giving it an equal effect on all skin and hair. So the truth is, if you have unwanted hair and are ready to say goodbye to it for good, then yes—you are a good candidate for electrolysis in Ottawa!