Monthly Archives: February 2020

The Best Ways to Manage and Treat Rosacea
How to Keep Chronic Redness and Inflammation Under Control We all know that feeling when embarrassment sets in and your cheeks heat up and turn red, or maybe your skin had a reaction to an irritating skincare product. Regardless of the reason, redness in the skin is completely normal. But what happens when your flushed […]
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How AquaGold Is Changing the Skincare Game
Turn Back the Clock and Rejuvenate Your Skin with Micro-Infusion Therapy What if we told you we knew a safe and pain-free way to get radiant, plumper, more youthful skin with absolutely zero downtime required? If your skin is dying for some much-needed TLC, AquaGold Fine Touch may be the fountain of youth you’ve been […]
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Busting Myths About Fillers
Sorting Fact from Fiction When it Comes to the Incredible Benefits of Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers have been a popular option for years for people looking to restore youthful volume in their face. But despite the popularity of fillers, they’re still often misunderstood—and maligned—by many people who’ve been misinformed. We get it; it’s easy for […]
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How to Determine Your Skin Type
A Look at Skin Type Tests and How to Effectively Care for Your Specific Skin Type Do you know what skin type you have? There are three common types of skin—oily, dry, and combination. Each...
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