Monthly Archives: February 2012

Your Skin at Every Age
Your skin much like your body changes as it gets older. Read on to find out how to care for it, regardless of your age! In your 20’s: Attention Attention! This is your skin’s prime...
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Fall in Love with your tummy!
A special deal just in time for Valentine’s Day! Let us help you blast away that muffin top with Tripollar! Right now SKINS Derma Care is Offering a savings of  $500 off* of a package of tummy treatments with our Tripollar body sculpting procedure. Our SKINS Derma Care Professionals will provide you with a complimentary […]
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Give Roses on Valentine’s Day!
You woo that special someone every year with grand gestures and gifts, why not show your skin it’s special too? As your body’s largest organ, the skin needs special attention. If you’ve been unkind to your skin for the last few months, it’s time to make-up. For the month of February we have some exciting suggestions for way […]
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