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A quick overview of the ways you can benefit from dermatology.

When we think of the common ailments that plague us in the winter – dry skin, sallow eyes, red noses – a skin care specialist might be on your mind. But they can do so, so much more than just remedy our cold weather conditions.

Skin tightening in a pinch

A variety of skin firming treatments can be performed. The sessions with your medical aesthetician are excellent for treating common problem areas — face, jowls, neck.


Crows feet, lip lines — your Ottawa skin care specialist will be skilled at using the proper filler to decrease any appearance of wrinkles.

Nose shaping

As you age, your nose will flatten and widen. An Ottawa skin care specialist can use filler to reshape and create a younger look. The filler is injected right into the bone running down the centre of your nose and slims it, correcting bumps and imperfections as well.

Neck slimming

Neck muscles can become enlarged as one ages, becoming more noticeable. These muscles are connected to the superficial muscles in your face, which means your neck could start weighing your face down. Botox can soften the wrinkles, get rid of the cords, and will lift the face back up.

Clear spider veins

The clearing of spider veins used to be an extremely painful process, but advances in the past few years mean less pain and faster results. There are still some side effects – redness, and a bit of swelling is normal.


A not-so-well calculated toss of your teen’s baseball hits you square in the face, leaving you with a lovely shiner. An experienced skin care specialist can perform a short procedure, resulting in the bruise fading by end-of-day.

Give your earlobes a facelift

Skin sags everywhere as we age – and that includes earlobes. In fact, they can be the first things to go. You can receive a shot with a filling agent, which will last six months to a year and get those lobes back to their perky prime.

Press undo

Sometimes it’s easy to get trigger-happy with filler – possible leaving you with a slightly more swollen look. Some long-lasting fillers cannot be easily removed, but some more common ones can. The procedure involves can inject an enzyme that will dissolve the filler within 24 hours.

Even out skin tone

Marks left behind from scabs, uneven tanning, sunburn – there are many things that can lead to uneven skin. Treatment from a skilled skin care specialist in Ottawa can smooth out discolouration and make skin brighter.